Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Big Reveal!!!!

So it is time to reveal the new playroom/bonus room!! After 3 weeks of work it is almost done! I hate I don't have any before pictures but just imagine an empty room with a window. We knew when we built the house we wanted to put in built in cabinets with a window seat to overlook the lake. It is a great view out the window! I imagined kids up there reading and enjoying it. A mere 2 years later we finally get around to this project. We were going to hire someone to do it but Matt said he could. And boy did he ever! He did an awesome job. His dad came over and they spent hours and hours designing and building. It turned out better than I ever imagined! We are loving hanging out upstairs. We spend so much time up there! So without further ado, here it is...

Ben sure did enjoy the building! Here he is in the bookshelves. He thought they were a train!
We also had to sing the "Bob the Builder" song a million times while working!

My dinning room was used a painting central - hence why I didn't blog for so long because the dinning room table was in front of the computer in the study!

Ben the painter!

Here it is! This is the shot as you walk up the stairs!

I love how the red wall turned out!! I love love love the pictures on the wall too!

Sorry for the bad picture but here are all the cabinets!

The left side - this is for the Wii. Note I do need to get more stuff to put on the shelves. It holds a lot!!
The left side! - Matt and Mike did an amazing job!!!!

The window seat!! I actually helped to make the curtains!! We are having a cushion and some pillows made so that should be added soon.

Super fun chalkboard wall. Hopefully we can teach Ben to only write on this wall!

My favorite part - all the storage! There is so much room for toys and books. I haven't even filled it up yet!

The art area! Don't you love the giant paint brush and palate (Pottery Barn - my favorite store!) We have ordered 4 little chairs to go with the table so they should be in soon. I am also working on a way to display art above the table with frames and clotheslines.

Ben loves his new playroom!!!!


The South Family said...

I need to hire Matt to build some cabinets for me. They really did a great job. I love the room!

Jennifer said...

it looks fabulous Emily!!! I love it! I am jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

Emily and Matt - this is amazing! What a terrific job you both did (Ben, too) on this room! I can't way to see it.

Simplicity By Christy said...

Hey, I recongnize those portraits on your wall! ;) It looks great! I love the paint brush with the paint. Too cute!