Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Showers!

The fun has begun!! We had 2 wonderful baby showers for Miss Kate this past week. It was so much fun to get together with friends and celebrate her upcoming arrival.

The first shower was a brunch on Saturday morning. It was hosted by my mom's book club. It was a super fun time with some of my closest friends. It was great to just get to hang out with friends and eat. Here are some pictures from that shower:

Tuesday night we had a shower at our favorite Mexican restaurant Rosies! It was hosted by the nurses that Matt works with. It was so much fun. Those nurses and doctors love Matt. They blessed us greatly! It was fun because all 3 of us were there and Ben got to experience the fun! And of course he got presents too!


Jennifer said...

looks like a lot of fun Emily! and how fun to get all that cute pink stuff!!!