Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update on Kate

Today has been another emotional roller coaster of a day. I am guessing that the next few weeks will be that way. Kate got put on the ventilator around 9 this morning. She was just struggling so hard to breathe so we knew it was what she needed. It was not an easy thing to think about. When I saw her for the first time on the vent it was really hard. The vent tube goes through the middle of her vocal cords so she is unable to cry or make any noise. It is hard to see her trying to cry but unable to. Since being on the vent she has done very well. It has allowed her to rest. Her respiratory rate is way down and she is not requiring as much oxygen. They also gave her a dose of surfactant which helps her lungs develop. She did great with that. Her weight today was 6 pounds 14 oz so she is holding steady which is awesome (as an RD I am a little obsessed with weight). So overall she is doing good now. We continue to pray that she will continue to remain stable so that she can begin to get better. We also continue to be so impressed with the NICU and the care that Kate is getting!!

After working in pediatrics for years it is a very different experience to be on this side of things. I do think both of working in a hospital has helped us to stay calm. The doctors and nurses have been great to explain things to us in medical terms and really make sure we know what is going on. I now wish I had paid more attention to vent settings when I was working with vent patients.

As far as mama I am doing good. I feel great. My recovery has been super easy and quick. It is so much easier than last time. I will be going home tomorrow so we will readjust our schedule to make it work once we go home.

Ben is doing great through all of this. He has not gotten to meet Kate so we are very eager to bring him home to her. I think one of the hardest things for me has been giving up on my perfect idea of how this experience was "supposed to be." I had all these great plans of having Ben and Kate meeting for the first time right after she was born. But I am learning truly what it means to leave it all in God's hands.

We really appreciate all the emails and messages we are getting from everyone. We have enjoyed visits today from friends and family. We feel so loved!!

I will update more later but for now here are some pictures...

Here she is on the vent. Everyone is saying she looks just like Ben did as a baby and I have to agree!
Sweet baby feet. Even though they have been poked and prodded all day they are still sweet. I had forgotten how tiny her little toenails were going to be.
The sweet sign over her bed

Here she is trying to suck on her fingers.

Daddy's little girl. Yesterday Matt wrote the sweetest thing in an email to a friend - "It's certainly trying not being able to hold her like we anticipated right now, but we have entrusted our Heavenly Father to wrap her in His loving arms until we can."


April Clark said...

Congratulations on Kate's arrival. You are all in my prayers. I work with your mom at HCES, and she brags about her kids and grandbabies all of the time!

Jennifer said...

ok, me being a hormonal mess right now got all choked up seeing the picture of matt looking at his sweet baby girl and then when i read what he had said, it really got me. but that is so true! we are praying for you all and for sweet kate and praying for a quick healing process for her!

Sue Broadway said...

Emily, Matt and Ben,
Congratulations on baby Kate. She is absolutely beautiful. My prayers are that she will be home with you all in no time at all. Sandy has shared so many wonderful pictures of Ben and the family--keep them coming and now Kate. Love you all, Sue Broadway