Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Huge Surprise!!!

We got a huge surprise on Saturday morning. We had been up at the hospital at 8 am and the nurse said Kate was doing great but she thought it would be a couple more days before she got to go home just because they were finishing up her phototherapy and had a few more tests to run. Matt and I split up. He went with Ben to wash the car and I went shopping with my mom. We got a call while we were out that they doctor thought Kate was ready to go home!!!! We needed to get back to the hospital to take care of everything so she could go home!! AHHHH!!! We were so excited but also very anxious about it all. We knew she was ready to come home but it was scary! She passed all of her final tests so we were heading out the door of the hospital around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. So hard to believe that 6 days after getting there we were finally all headed home!!! It was such a blessing and answer to prayer. They had told us that once she turned the corner and started to get better it would move fast but it really did. We know it was all God's working and doing!! Here are a few pictures from the homecoming...

Packed up and ready to go! It cracked us up that she rode down to the car on the carts they use to carry flowers.

A couple of proud and excited parents!

She snoozed the whole way home in the car!

Coming inside for the first time at her home!

We are so thankful to be home! I have lots more pictures of life since we got home and of Ben meeting his baby sister that I will get up tomorrow.


Jess Gordon said...

HOORAY!!! That's awesome!!!!!!

LeeAnn said...

I am so glad she got to come home!!! I love the pictures!!!

Jesse and Lacey said...

YAY! What a wonderful answer to prayers! She is beautiful!

Jennifer said...

yay! Praise God! I am so excited she is home now!! I can't wait to see more pics and here how Ben is liking being a big brother!