Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smack Down!

One of Ben's favorite "games" to play right now is smack down. This is where he pretends to punch you like you are boxing and then you fall down. Well he now has a new friend to play with. Miss Kate is a fighter!! Matt and I finally got some sleep last night (I had been up for almost 48 hours straight). I woke up at about 4 this morning so I made it down to the nursery for "cares." Gretchen, Kate's nurse, told me that Kate had pulled out her CPAP 2 times during the night. While I was there she was flailing about trying to "punch" Gretchen as she was changing out her tape. It was cracking me up. It was making Kate very upset and her stats were falling. She was even holding her breath when she got mad. It makes me very nervous for when she is 2 years old (and a teenager). She is going to be strong willed! They were trying to decide what they were going to do with her because she was fighting the CPAP so hard. Fighting is a good sign that she is feeling better. It was also cool because I was able to give her a paci for the first time and she loved it! So she is doing pretty well this morning. Pray they can figure out the best way to keep her comfortable today. I will try to take some more pictures today.


Jesse and Lacey said...

you guys have been on my mind so much! please let me know if you need ANYTHING! Baby Kate is just beautiful!

Jennie said...

Matt, Emily, Ben and sweet baby Kate, our family has been praying since Sunday when we learned Kate would be arriving early. We continue to pray for her little lungs and are encouraged at her feisty nature.

God's blessings to you.

Jennie, Brian, Ethan & Emma Grace (neighbors of your mom and dad)

Jennifer said...

UH-OH. You've got a feisty one...thank goodness! I love the personality and that she loves her paci. Love you all! Jennifer

Amanda Sanford said...

I am glad to have checked in to hear about the birth! How exciting, yet the unknown is always unnerving!
I am going to let Eric know now and we will commit to pray daily for each of you! I know Ben is well cared for by family, but we can be there in just 3.5 hours if you need ANYTHING! Keep the pics coming...love to see some baby cuteness! Congratuations!!