Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Pumpkin Patch Trip

I know I said to be on the look out for more Tate Farms pumpkin patch pictures because we were going as a family on Friday.  Well, to have pictures you have to remember to put the SD card in your camera.  So I wasn't really able to take any pictures.  Ugh!  I can't believe I did that.   I love pumpkin patch pictures.  Oh well, I got a few on my phone before it got to dark and I got a few from friends.  I am still waiting on some more from another friend so hopefully I can add a few more. 

Our church rented out the entire farm on Friday night.  We were able to go for a really discounted price which was awesome since it is normally so expensive.  It was also great because we could bring guests for free.  We invited several of our neighbors to come with us.  The kids had a wonderful time because all of their friends were there.  Plus it is just such a fun place!  The huge slide is always a favorite!

 There was tons of fun to be had in the corn cribs.  I don't quite understand how it could be fun to play in hard corn but they love it!

Nothing better than a petting zoo (ha - I do not like petting zoos at all!)
 My sweet friends Hollie and Jenny.  Love these girls!
 Cute picture of Kate and Jonah. 
 And jumping on the jumpping pillow is just so much fun.  Poor Kate had trouble staying on her feet.
It was a great evening.  The weather was just perfect and the kids had a blast.  I wish I had my camera and some more pictures but that's ok!

Here are some pictures I got from a friend!