Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Being Love

Today Kate had her Valentine's party at school.  Her teacher asked them what love is and this is what Kate said...
 Wow!!  Doesn't that just melt a mama's heart!  So sweet.  It was also a very sobering reminder of what a job we have as parents to teach our little ones about love and who the ultimate giver of love is - God.  Until Kate understands fully who God is and how much He loves her, we as her parents are her example of His love.  Just a little bit of pressure.  I pray I can be a good representation of His love to them.

I opened an email today from Africa New Life Ministries and saw this...
How sweet is that!!  It is our little sponsored child Safari with the goat we sent him for Christmas.  Another representation of how we are the love of Christ.  Wow!!!  Thank you Lord for allowing me to show your love to others!