Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing Together

I really do think the sweetest sound to a mother's heart is hearing her children playing together.  There is nothing that I love to hear more.  It seems like lately I have heard it more than usual.  I think Ben and Kate are at great ages to play together.  Kate thinks Ben is the greatest thing ever and Ben is not quite old enough to think she is annoying.  They love to run and chase each other or play hide and seek.  They will spend time playing Legos or My Little Ponies together.  Or when Ben reads Kate a book.  They just laugh and laugh!!!  They have the best time together.  

Don't get the wrong impression there are moments when all they do is fight and all I hear is "she is on my side of the table" or "he won't get out of my room."  But those tough moments fade when I hear them laugh or play together.  I want to remember these times.  I pray they will always be best of friends!