Sunday, February 10, 2013

Date Night

Matt and I were super excited when my parents offered to keep the kids on Friday night so we could go out for a little pre-Valentine's dinner.  We always enjoy anytime that we get to go out together just the 2 of us.  We went to our favorite Valentine restaurant!
 We enjoyed yummy cheese fondue first...
 Then meat and veggies...
 And finally an amazing chocolate dessert!
 We were stuffed!!!  And one of the best things about Melting Pot is that it takes a couple of hours so we had lots of time to chat and catch up.  It was great!!  Then we even went to a late movie and saw the new (well new a few months ago) James Bond movie.
We felt young again when we got home well after midnight!  It was a wonderful evening.  Nothing better than spending time with the one you love.  The kids had a great time spending the night with Granna and Grandaddy.  Thanks for letting us have a great night out!