Friday, February 8, 2013

Where Does The Week Go?

I woke up this morning thinking where did the week go?  I couldn't believe it was already Friday.  I remember when I was a kid/teenager/college student/grad student I always thought the week dragged by and Friday took forever coming.  My parents/teachers/professors would always say the weeks went by so fast.  I thought they were crazy.  Now I understand.  The weeks fly by!  Really I look up and wonder how Friday got here so quickly again.  I guess it is because we are just so busy.  Between school, work, Bible study, running, gymnastics, basketball and other various activities the days just fly by which means the week flys by as well.  I am thankful for that in some ways but in other ways I hate that I don't always get to enjoy the moments.  Today was rainy and yucky so Kate and I were just able to stay at home and enjoy some fun time together.  We played, had tea parties, read books and watched movies.  It was so much fun!  I also got to read some fun books for myself which was great!!  I love days like today.  Makes me slow down and enjoy a little more!  Excited for the weekend...