Friday, December 13, 2013

Ornaments 2013

One of my favorite Christmas traditions in ornaments.  Our tree has no theme which I love.  It is full of special memories from year to year.  I love looking at all the ornaments and reliving special times, trip and memories!  We give the kids new ornaments each year.  They got to open this year's ornaments on Saturday.  They were so excited.  

 Here are a few of my favorite new ornaments from this year...

This is one my parents gave us from MD Anderson.  It is a beautiful ornament made from a child with cancer's artwork.  Such a special reminder of what we have gone through this year and the goodness of God.
 This one is very random but really cool.  I found this Grissom High ornament at a yard sale this year.  It is really special because it is where Matt and I both went, met and fell in love!  A reminder of such a special time in our lives.
 This is Kate's ornament for the year in honor of her taking dance.  She loves it.
 We got this Toomers Corner ornament when we went down for the last rolling of Toomers.  We had such a great time that weekend.  I great reminder of a fun tradition that we love to be a part of.
 This is Ben's ornament for the year.  We got it at the Lego store and I thought it was so fun.  He loved getting to make the Christmas tree.  He is such a Lego fanatic so a great memory.
 Matt and I got this one on our 10 year anniversary trip to Boston.  We went to the Public Gardens on our anniversary to ride the swan boats.  I love that this ornament shows the swan boats.  I grea way to remember our great trip.
 We got this ornament on our cruise over spring break.  We got this in Honduras.  The dolphin is awesome because we got to swim with the dolphins in Roatan.
 This boat is made out of mahogany from Belize.  It is really pretty!
 And last but not least our family picture ornament for the year.  We now 11 of these on our tree.  The kids love seeing how they have grown each year through the ornaments.


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