Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WEC Christmas

Sunday night we had a little get together with the Cabra and Wright families.  It was so much fun!!  We did yummy snack foods which were all amazing.  Then we did some crafting with the kids.  They loved it. 
 We then decorated cupcakes for a little birthday party for Jesus.  The cupcakes were works of art with lots of sprinkles!!

 So sweet to hear them sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.
 The Cabras gave these really fun puzzle balls that they guys sat and did for forever!!  Nothing but frustration!
 I am so thankful for these sweet girls.  God knew exactly what he was doing bringing us together almost 20 years ago.  I don't know if I could have made it through the past year without them.
 All the kids piled up together in Brad and LeeAnn's bed and watched movies.  So thankful for their sweet friendships already.  I hope they stay friends for forever!
 And finally the adults played Quelf.  It is a game of absolute craziness and perfect for lifelong friends.  We had so much fun!!  Tons of laughs!!   I love having friends we can laugh with and be silly with and not care.
It was a fun night with wonderful friends.  We nicknamed the night WEC Christmas party and it is going to be an annual tradition for sure.