Monday, December 23, 2013

Skating in the Park

For the last couple of years the art museum downtown has created an outdoor skating rink in Big Spring Park.  I had visions of outdoor skating like Rockefeller Center.  It is not quite the same.  The rink is pretty small and remember it is Alabama.  Still I have really been wanting to go.  We went Friday night and had the BEST time!!!  It was about 65 degrees (so the coats we are wearing are just for show - we were sweating).  The ice was partially melted with about a 1/2 inch of water all over.  But it was still awesome!!  It was the first time the kids went skating.  They did great.   
 Thankfully they had little "scooters" to help the kids learn how to skate.  They worked great and gave them lots of confidence.

 The kids did really well and were able to skate without the scooter.  Ben probably fell 20 times but he loved it.  He was soaked (remember the water over the top of the ice).  He didn't mind one bit and thankfully it was warm so he didn't get too cold.
 We skated for about 2 hours and had so much fun!!!  It really was magical.
After skating we headed over to the Tinsel Trail to check out the pretty trees.  
Such a perfect family night.  I think we will have to make it an annual thing.