Friday, July 18, 2014

Huntsville is Cool

One of the last few things left on our Summer List of Fun was to go to the farmer's market.  Looking at the calendar I knew that Thursday night was our last chance to go to the Greene Street Market.  It also just so happened to be art stroll night and a huge food truck rally.  Needless to say downtown Huntsville was crazy!  I was texting with LeeAnn in the afternoon and she mentioned they were also going so we planned to meet up.  We headed to the square and had dinner at Sam & Greg's.  
 Then we headed over to the farmer's market.  Ben picked out some yummy corn and Kate got a sunflower.  It was really crowded but we enjoyed running into lots of friends and just checking out all of the fun stuff.
 We took a quick stroll through the art (kids were not all that interested) and wondered down to the food trucks.  The crowds were insane so we were glad we had already eaten but it was fun to see.
 Right by our cars was a little grassy hill.  We let the kids roll down it.  They had so much fun!  Took me back to my childhood when we would do this in the summer.
Once again the weather was just gorgeous.  It was fun to have a night "out on the town."  Our little city is fun!