Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Naval Air Museum

Our summer list of fun only has a few items left to check off and prior to the beach trip was a trip to a museum.  We started researching some possible museums around the beach.  We needed to go to Pensacola for an errand so we decided on the Naval Air Museum.  We were blown away!!!  It was so huge and full of so many aircraft.  We loved exploring and checking out all of the displays.  The kids enjoyed climbing into the planes.  
 Ben was a little freaked out by the atomic bomb!  His favorite part was all the models of the aircraft carriers.
 I enjoyed getting to tell the kids about their great-grandaddy who fought in Battle of Okinawa.

 We were hoping to see the Blue Angels fly but they weren't that day.  We did enjoy seeing all their airplanes.

 The kids got to go on Marine One.  So cool!

 After the museum we stopped by the lighthouse on the naval base for a quick look.
We were so impressed by our little side trip to Pensacola.