Monday, July 14, 2014


I am so excited to report that we are no longer living in an episode of "Hoarders."  After a month, our house is finally all put back together!!!  The contractor was finishing up things on Friday afternoon and we just worked around him to get things into place.  So thankful for my parents who came over and helped so much!!!  We hung curtains, recovered chairs, laid rugs and cleaned.  I am so glad it is done.  There are still a few more things to get done so I won't post pictures yet but we are thankful to have our house back in order.
 Saturday was spent doing more of the same with getting things put back.  I have felt really sorry for the kids over the last few weeks.  A big part of their summer has been taken up with the remodel.  They have been troopers (they got to eat out lots so they were happy).  We knew we needed a fun evening on Saturday.  Matt came up with a crazy backyard obstacle course (one of the last things left on our fun list).
 The course spanned 2 backyards and included some crazy things (you have to get creative when you come up with it in about 15 minutes with just the stuff in the garage).  They had to search through a bucket of water for a golf ball with an X on it.
 They had to crab walk around some cones.
 Answer math questions by running to the right answer written in chalk on the driveway.
 There was a beanbag toss.
 And a rock wall climb.  There was also bike riding, blow up tire rolling and trampoline jumping.  The kids had a blast (although it was so very hot!)  They enjoyed trying to beat their time on the course.
 Sunday was a great morning at church followed by lunch at the Chinese buffet.  There was a little selfie action going on with my phone during lunch.

After lunch, Ben left with my dad to go down to visit GG.  I know they are having a great time!  Kate and Matt enjoyed some fun time hanging out while I went to a baby shower yesterday afternoon.  We wrapped up the weekend by working on the house some more!   It was a great mix of work and play over the weekend.