Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Point Mallard

Growing up most summers involved a trip to Point Mallard water park.  The kids have loved our trips to the water park down at the beach so we decided to go to Point Mallard yesterday.  It was awesome!!!   I was a little nervous about being alone with the kids before Matt got there after work but thankfully it went fine.  No one drowned!  

 I am so proud of both of the kids.  They went down all of the big slides that they could!  Ben even went down a really scary one shaped like a toilet.
 There was one little incident that occurred right after this picture was taken.  Kate had a little freak out after jumping off the diving board and the lifeguard had to jump in and "save" her.  Matt and I were right there so we could have gotten her but the lifeguard did.   I guess it livened up his day a little bit to have something to do.
 The weather was beautiful.  We stayed until the park closed and it was so nice and the crowds cleared out late.
 The kids favorite part was the wave pool which has been around forever!  They had a blast jumping in the waves.  Ben took his float all the way out to the wall.  The McClures joined us for the fun so it was great to have friends along!
Another big check on the list of fun along with a great evening!