Friday, September 19, 2014

Dining Room Redo

I know it has been a while but I finally am getting around to posting some pictures of our new dining room.  I am so excited at how the dining room turned out.  I never really loved our old dining room.  It just didn't fit our style and the colors just weren't us.  The new dining room is beautiful and calming and fits well with our family.  It turned out nothing like I thought/planned it would but it is so much better! Here is the view from the foyer.  I don't have much up on the walls yet but I still love it.  
 I painted the small antique sideboard.  It was a dark wood before and I thought it would look good with a little update.  The cream looks really well.  No one ever noticed the piece before but since I have painted it everyone that walks in the room notices it.
 I took the chair covers off the chairs and let the beautiful wood and scroll work show.  Our table is from the 60's we think and I love that the design is now back in style.  We looked high and low for the perfect fabric to recover the chairs.  Nothing was just perfect until I found this fabric on  It was not at all the colors I was thinking but I just loved it.  So I totally changed the plan and decided to paint the walls gray.  Gray was the one color I said I would not do.  I really do love it though.  It is cool calming.  I also got a new rug since I totally changed up the colors.  I found this perfect one at Target for a great deal.
 My splurge for the room are these lamps.  I did get them at Home Goods so they weren't too expensive just more than I would normally pay for lamps but I do have to say that they make the room for me.  I love how they are glitzy and fun.  I still need a few more things on the sideboard and on the walls around the mirror but I am loving how this area is coming together!
 I spent literally hours searching for curtains.  It is really hard to fine 108 inch curtains that are not crazy expensive.  I thought I might have to get them custom made.  At the last minute I found these beautiful cream faux silk curtains at Pier One.  They are perfect.  Just what I was looking for.  They make the room seem bigger.
 As we were putting the finishing touches on the room I remembered a really special picture that I had that would look great in the room.  When my grandmother passed away last year, I got this picture of my great grandmother.  It was taken around 1900 and this is the original.  The colors could not be more perfect for the room.  It is a beautiful picture with great history.
 And one more view of the whole room.  I just love it!!!  Still lots more stuff to go up on the walls but even without it it is great!
 And just for fun this is what I thought the room was going to look like.  Ha!!  Doesn't look anything like this but I'm so glad as it is way better!