Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Soccer Time

Our week is full of soccer!  4 days of games makes for lots of time spent at the park.  It is lots of fun though!  Both kiddos are having fun and I love seeing them out and being active.  Kate had her second game tonight.  She got a little better tonight.  She actually sort of following the "pack" around the field.  She didn't quite get in there but at least she was on the same side of the field.  We are working up to actually kicking the ball during the game.  Actually the ball bounced off her shin guard so we are going to count that!  She enjoys it so that is all that matters.  And I have to say she looks really cute out on the field!  

 She hasn't quite got the whole "no hands" rule figured out yet!

 Getting the instructions from the coach as to which way their goal is!  Very important at this age.

 She got to do all the kick offs for her team.  I think the coach know that may be the only way she touches the ball all season.