Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Totally Random Tuesday

I cannot believe it is the last day of September!  Where did the month go?  It has flown by!  Fall started last week even if it doesn't feel like it.  I was looking on my phone and noticed I had a bunch of random photos I needed to post so I thought the last day of September would be a good day!

Kate has really gotten into painting and writing the last few days.  It is fun to see how creative she is.  She enjoyed painting on our wedding napkins.  We have several boxes of them so they are a good thing for her to paint!
 Kate's school picture turned out really cute!  Love her sweet smile!
The kids have been asking to jump in leaves.  Our trees are not really that big so I didn't think that would be an option.  But thanks to very little rain and very hot conditions one of our trees started dropping its leaves.  I racked them into a little pile and the kids enjoyed jumping in them.  Such a fun fall thing to do!  Love that our sweet neighbor Anna came over to join in the fun!
 Matt joined me to pick up Kate from school today.  They just looked so cute together and I had to take their picture.
 Today was taco Tuesday!  We had the best night at the dinner table.  Lots of laughs and great conversations!  It made my heart smile.  I love our sweet little family.  After dinner Ben wrote a list of everything he was thankful for.  Talk about making my heart smile even more.
 Kate and I enjoyed stopping for frozen yogurt one day last week.  I fell in love with caramel pretzel cheesecake yogurt.  I mean it is awesome!  I have even been dreaming about it.  I must go back and get some ASAP!
 Loved seeing my kiddos working hard in my office last week while I was working.  I am so thankful they are flexible and adaptable.
 I was able to get decorated for fall last week.  It doesn't feel like fall so that always makes it hard but I did it anyway.  I decided to add a little extra fall fun on the mantle.  I printed out pictures of the kids in all their Halloween costumes through the years and put them in my open back frame.  So cute!!  I love seeing the fun we have had through the years.
I guess that gets us all caught up!  Can't wait for tomorrow and October!  It is going to be a great month.