Monday, September 29, 2014

The New Music Room

Time for another blog reveal of one of the new rooms...  the new music room.  It has always been the study and I am having a hard time calling in the music room but the kids jumped on that.  They are always calling in the music room now.  This room turned out pretty much like I planned (unlike the dining room) and I love it!  It is actually the room that is getting the most compliments when people come visit.  It looks so different than it did before so I think that is why.  Here is the view from the foyer.  
 We kept the 2 chairs as a little reading/sitting area.  It was a long, hard search but I finally found the perfect curtains at Lowes.  They are a navy and cream geometric just like I wanted.  I found the little navy garden stool at Target on the clearance rack.  It is perfect for holding our books.  I still need to get some orange pillows for the chairs.
 We moved the bookcase over to the wall opposite of the doors.  It has become the perfect focal point of the room.  We put our Auburn diplomas and Auburn artwork up around the room.
 My favorite part of the room in the navy accent wall.  It is awesome!!!  The piano is perfect in the room along with our other instruments.  My next project is to work on the gallery wall to go above the piano.  Can't wait to do it!
 We were able to get rid of the carpet in the room and extend the hardwoods.  They are beautiful!  I was so excited when my mom found the perfect rug for the room!
The room turned out pretty much like the project board so that is good!!