Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Day With Ben

Well, we are officially one day into real life again and we survived.  It actually wasn't too bad.  I'm glad to be back into the routine (even with that 4:55 am alarm).  I accomplished more today before 10:30 than I did the whole last 2 weeks.  I thrive on early mornings and schedules!  Everyone has seemed to settle back into school and activities well.  

Kate actually started school yesterday so it was just Ben and I for the morning.  I had to work (I am thankful that I can take a couple of weeks off at Christmas but I do have to go back at some point) so Ben came along and worked on Legos while I got caught up.  
 I then introduced Ben to the wonderful world of Panera hot chocolate and a quiet place to do your Bible study.  He loved getting to sip his hot chocolate while answering his BSF questions.  He did a great job studying Leviticus.  It is not easy!
 We finished up our time with lunch at Chili's (always his choice).  We had some fun lunch conversations.  Out of no where is started telling me how when he has a girlfriend one day he is going to do magic tricks for her including pulling flowers out of a hat.  He also told me how he is going to propose one day (think GiGi's cupcakes with a ring inside).  I don't know how he came up with these ideas (he still thinks girls are gross).  I am thankful he has a sweet, romantic side.  I think he takes after his daddy.
It was a fun morning just getting to be with my little man.  I miss one on one time with him so it was really special!