Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bags of Blessing

Last night our life group got to together with some other groups to pack bags of blessing for the CARE Center.  Ben and I had done this before but it is the first time Kate and Matt got to participate.  We love supporting the CARE Center and the work that they do in our community.  
 We had a great time working with our friends to pack the bags of food for children to take home from school on the weekends.  Kate really got into the packing.  She threw those crackers in the bag and pushed them on done the line.  She would get mad at me when I would slow down and it would get backed up.  She sang and chatted the whole time.  It was hilarious.
 Ben was all work!  He did a great job!
 Kate also really got into breaking down the leftover food boxes.
 It was such a great night!  So are thankful to get to serve along with our friends!