Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Awesome Weekend (title by Ben)

We of course had a wonderful weekend.  It was relaxing but we also accomplished a bunch and had some fun.  We started out by celebrating Ben's awesome report card with a trip to Ichiban for dinner.  That is Ben's favorite for celebrating.  We are so proud of how awesome he did during the last 9 weeks!
 We then caught the Penguins of Madagascar at the dollar movie theater.  It was a funny movie and it was so much fun to watch Kate laugh throughout.
 Saturday it was foretasted to warm into the 50's so we decided to clean out the garage.  It was a massive mess and needed some serious work.  We spent about 5 hours cleaning out and throwing away.  I should have taken some before and after pictures but just imagine a clean garage.  We were able to get rid of the last of the baby items.  No more car seats or strollers for us!
 The kids had lots of fun playing outside while we cleaned.  Ben even did some jeep driving in an Auburn helmet.
 Saturday night we went over to Kelly and Andrew's for pizza and nerdy games.  Perry's train table was a big hit with all the kiddos.
 I enjoyed snuggling with my favorite red head!
Sunday was church and life group which rounded out a great weekend.  Or in Ben's words "an awesome' weekend.