Monday, January 12, 2015


Our week ended a little different last week because I had to have a little minor surgery on my tongue.  Thankfully it went really well and the path report came back good so that was all good.  The surgery left me eating soup and resting for the end of the week and first part of the weekend.  It was nice to have a low key weekend.  Friday night we watched a movie and just hung out as a family.  Saturday morning we did venture out to Cracker Barrel to get some breakfast.  I was dying for some real food and pancakes sounded good!  
 We ran some errands and did some things around the house on Saturday.  Ben went to a birthday party for some of his friends from school.  He stayed until 10:30.  Matt and I had a glimpse of our future sitting around waiting to pick up teenagers.  Ugh!!  We kept having to hit each other to stay awake!
 Sunday was another low key day with church and then naps and laundry.  We enjoyed some fun time playing games together.  I love hanging out with these 3 people.  They are so much fun!!