Monday, July 21, 2008

Sad Good-Bye!

We had a great time this weekend although it was a little sad. Our friends (really our best friends), are moving so we had a going away party for them. We are so sad to see Brad and LeeAnn move. We are excited for them and the new adventure that they are embarking on but we are really going to miss them.

LeeAnn and I have been friends forever (really since we were like 6 or 7 years old). We have one of those friendships that just stands the test of time. She has always been a great support and sounding board for me. In the past we have been apart but never this far. Brad and Matt have also developed a great friendship since high school. We have been through alot together. There have been lots of wonderful memories made. It has been wonderful having them so close to get to be apart of Ben's life (they were there in the delivery room just 30 minutes after he was born). I hate to think about him not getting to see his "Aunt LeeAnn" and "Uncle Brad" very much. Mobile is only 6 hours away so hopefully we will get to see them lots! This just means lots of trips to the beach.

Saturday night we had a going away cookout at our house for Brad and LeeAnn and some of our other friends. It was lots of fun to just sit around and talk and catch up. We got to spend some time with them before the left. It was great!! Here are some pictures from the party. We love you guys and are going to miss you!!

Rock Band - More to come about that later!

Ben dancing the night away! He stayed up until 11 pm. He was not ready to stop partying.