Monday, July 28, 2008

Wii Fun!

Early this summer, we decided to do our part to "stimulate" the "slow" economy. We used our great government tax check to buy a Wii!!! We had thought long and hard about doing this and finally broke down and did it. It was the best purchase ever. We love our Wii!! It has actually been good for our marriage because it is something we can do together.

At first, we just had the basic sports game. It was lots of fun (especially bowling) but recently we have branched out. We bought a surgery game and have become expert surgeons (as long as we have the magic heal all potion we can do surgery on you if needed). For our anniversary be bought each other Wii Fit which has been lots of fun and motivating us to get in shape. It really does work. I have had several of my patients ask me about it so we can count it off on our taxes as "research" : ). Then for Father's Day Ben got Matt Rock Band!!! Talk about lots of fun. We have had so much fun messing around with that. Our band's name is "Taming Ben." I am actually enjoying it and it is a great game to have for parties. Our house has become the "cool" house in the neighborhood and we have kids ringing our doorbell daily to play the Wii. So we feel pretty hip these days. Ben loves to watch us play the Wii and sometimes tries to do it himself. I can't wait until he is really able to do it!
Enjoy some pictures of us playing our new past time:

Matt and the neighborhood kids playing rock band. They are actually pretty good

Ben melting away the pounds on the Wii Fit