Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vacation Misadventures

For some reason I have never been able to go on vacation without some sort of crazy adventure. It just seems like par for the course when it comes to vacations. Sometime I will have to tell you about my family's adventure in Paris going through the redlight district being led by a wino. Crazy times!!!

Anyway - our mountain vacation was pretty tame but we did have a few "fun" adventures. One of them was just getting to our cabin. It was on the side of a mountain and the realtor had warned me the road was a little steep and hard to get up but we figured we would be ok. We got there late on Friday night and it was totally dark. We get about halfway up the mountain and get stuck!!!! We cannot go any further. Of course cell phones don't work in the middle of nowhere. We weren't even sure we were in the right place. So I have to get out of the van and help direct Matt backwards down the mountain. Note the large prickly bushes I had to stand in. By this point we are so frustrated all we can do is laugh. We had no idea what we are going to do. We decided to head back to town and try to call my parents. Thankfully we met my dad on the road down the mountain. We were able to load ourselves and some of our stuff in their SUV and make it up. We figured out the van was just too heavy with all our stuff to make it up. So once we lightened the load Matt could get up. It was just really funny and sort of crazy at the time. I felt like we were going to be stuck sleeping in the car and then getting killed by and axe murderer.

Our other crazy adveture came on our hike on Thursday. Matt had researched this great place to go hiking. So we drive 6 miles off the beaten path. Then we get on a gravel road and travel another 4 miles. Yep 4 miles on a really bumpy gravel road. It was a slow go. We finally get to the trail and this is what we see...
Yep 1 hour of driving and it is closed! We were mad. But what can you do. We made the best of it and hiked the trail to see the construction. Then turn around and start driving back down the gravel road. We saw a sign for another trail so we head down another gravel road and this is where we end up... Yep the trail led to some sort of radio tower place. Really crazy. Oh well! It was funny. The best laid plans of mice and men. So that day was just full of a bumpy ride and a dirty car.

I think the misadvetures of vacations are what make them so special. 20 years we will remember these things and smile!