Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

So it wasn't really an April Fools joke but we have had a green toilet in our yard for the past day. Some of the nurses that Matt works with have a Relay for Life team and they are doing a fundraiser where they drop a toilet in your yard. You then have to donate money to them to have it removed. Quite a clever idea if you ask me! So they "got" us yesterday! Needless to say we were quickly paying the money to have it removed! Ben thought it was too funny. Lots of neighbors have asked what in the world it is. I think it is probably against our homeowners covenant so we better get it taken away! Today Ben and I played a little April Fool's joke on daddy! Matt always has a glass of Crystal Light lemonade when he gets home from work. Today Ben and I fixed him a glass but we filled it with water that we had dyed yellow to look like lemonade! Of course Ben couldn't keep it a secret but it was still funny. Ben is really into tricks these days so he loved getting to "trick" Daddy!