Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Hair "Dos"

So Kate and I are sporting some new "dos" today. Kate's is not new but it was cute and the first time I have done her hair in pigtails in a long time. I thought she looked so cute. It lasted all of 3 minutes before she pulled it out but still cute. I got my hair cut pretty short yesterday. It was getting really long. Probably the longest it has been in several years. So when it gets long that means it is time to go short. I really have issues with deciding between long and short hair. I like it either way so it just goes back and forth. I think it looks pretty cute (sorry bad cell phone self portrait). Hopefully it will be much easier to take care of too. I do not like the 25 minute blow drying the long hair takes!!


LeeAnn said...

You and Kate look so cute!! I like both do's!

Jennifer Ezell said...

Love it!!!