Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend - Part 1

We had such an amazing Easter weekend! It is so much fun to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We did so many fun things! I really do have to say it is one of my favorite holidays. Just so much fun! We did so much I am going to break it into 2 posts. Too much for one!

The fun started Friday night. Matt was able to go to the Secret Church simulcast held at our church. It was from 6pm - 12 am. He said it was AMAZING!! So glad he was able to go. While he was there the kids and I went over to my parents house to dye some eggs! So much fun Our beautiful eggs!
Saturday morning started early and was full!! First up was a soccer game! Ben is just loving soccer.

We had some super special guests at the soccer game! Brad, LeeAnn and Paige were up from Mobile for the weekend and they got out early to come see Ben play! It was so great to have them there and get caught up. Kate and Paige had a blast playing together...

After the game we tried to get a picture of all the kids. It did not work!

After the soccer game we headed over to my parent's church for an Easter egg hunt. They had tons of eggs and lots of other fun things to do. Ben had a blast on the inflatables. He probably slid down the slide 100 times.

They both had a blast getting lots of eggs and prizes.

They had lots of great food. I think everyone's favorite was the cookies!

Kate even got in on the inflatable fun.

Everyone was worn out after all the fun! Needless to say there was some napping going on Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening was nice. We got to do our devotion and enjoy some time together as a family. We did the kids Easter baskets on Saturday night. We don't want them to take away from Easter Sunday. They just get a few little things from mom and dad to celebrate the special weekend.

Kate loved her new diva sunglasses and sippy cup!

Ben got a great game to work on his handwriting.

It was all so great. And Sunday is still to come...