Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Week Devotions - Part 3

Tonight we focused on the crucifixion. It is such a sad story but also a story filled with so much hope! I made some crosses out of craft sticks that the kids then got to paint.
We then added some purple ribbon and they turned out really cute. Ben is excited to share the ones he made with some friends tomorrow to tell them about Jesus dying for them.

Matt read from the Jesus Storybook Bible tonight. It is one of our favorites.

I thought I would share some of the story with you...

They nailed Jesus to the cross.

"Father, forgive the, " Jesus gasped. "They don't understand what they're doing."

"You say you've come to rescue us?" people shouted. "But you can't even rescue yourself!"

But they were wrong. Jesus could have rescued himself. A legion of angels would have flown to his side - if he'd called.

"If you were really the Son of God, you could just climb down off that cross!" they said.

And of course they were right. Jesus could have just climbed down. Actually, he could have just said a word and made it all stop. Like when he healed that little girl. And stilled the storm. And fed 5,000 people.

But Jesus stayed.

You see, they didn't understand. It wasn't the nails that kept Jesus there. It was the love.

What a wonderful picture! It was all about His love for each one of us! I pray that we can all focus on that love as we celebrate this Easter season!