Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Girl Bed

We moved Kate into her "big girl" bed last week.  I was so nervous about how she was going to do.  She had been sleeping great in her crib and I didn't really want to rock the boat.  We are getting new carpet next week so we were going to have to change everything anyway so it seemed like a good time to transition.  She did awesome!!!  She loves her bed and all the new things in her room.  She just laid down and went right to sleep the first night.  No issues (well she did fall out the first morning but other than that was great).  She has continued to do great.  One day she wouldn't take a nap but she stayed in her bed so I couldn't complain.  I am so glad she did great.  I remember being so worried when Ben moved as well but he did great too. 

Here are some pictures in her new bed.  We are still working on her room.  She doesn't have a headboard yet and we have to put stuff on the walls but it is coming together. 

It was  really sad day when we took down the crib.  It has been up in the house since we moved into the house 5 1/2 years ago.  I can't believe we are done with it now.  But it is also a happy thing.  We are moving on from the baby stage.  Lots of fun things to come.  Now we just need to find a good home for the crib!!!