Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Naming Kate's Babies

There is always a big deal in our house when Kate gets a new baby doll.  It the big dilemma of what the new baby's name will be.  Kate always asks what her name is (it is always a girl).  We tell her she gets to name her and she acts so surprised.  Then the long process begins of suggesting names begins.  We usually list off 100 or so names before she finally decides on one. It always makes us laugh.  The girl has such an opinion and it really is a process. 

Here are the babies.  From left to right they are Kim, Winnie, Libby and Baby.  Poor baby Winnie needs some clothes!

 Sweet girl (with a very sad face) and her baby Libby!

 She is such a good little mommy.  She can play babies for hours.  She loves to take care of them. 

This is baby Kim.  Named after sweet Mrs. Kim.  That was all Kate's idea.  She loves Mrs. Kim so it is fun to have a baby named after her.