Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Little Fish

Ben has been taking swimming lessons all this week.  They have gone great.  He is doing an amazing job swimming.  Last year he would not take off his life vest in the water.  This year we would not let him swim with it and made him just made him swim.  He did really well and then has gotten even better with lessons.  We found a great private lady who teaches lessons in her backyard.  She is a kindergarten teacher so she is great with the kids.  His buddy Hunter got to be in his class as well.  They have had a great time together. 

 Kate and Kaylee have really enjoyed getting be together during the lessons.  They can't wait until next year when they can swim. 

 Look at him go!  Swimming underwater with no float. 
He has even learned how to float on his back. 

 His favorite thing to do is jump into the pool and swim all the way across. 

At the end of each lesson the teacher puts a penny on the bottom of the pool and they have to dive down and get it.  So proud of how well Ben is doing.  We are excited to spend the rest of the summer practicing all he has learned.