Monday, May 7, 2012

End of the Year Program

Yesterday afternoon the kids had their ed ofthe year pogram at school.  They have been practicing for weeks and were so excited!

Kate's class was up first.  Having 7 two year olds up on stage can be a bit unpredictable but they did awesome!  Kate was not really into singng.  She looked a little wide eyed and nervous.  She did do all the motions which was so cute. 
 She looks super bored in this picture!  The kids were all so cute. 
Then was Ben's turn.  They first said the entire 23rd Psalm from memory!  I am so proud of all the Bible verses he has learned this year. 
 They sang 3 songs with some great motions.  One of the songs was in Spanish.  It was so cute!

The kids favorite part was the cake reception afterwards!  They loved hanging ou with their family and friends.  Ben and Micah!
 Kate and Granna. 
 It was a great ending to a wonderful school year!!  This year at MCDC has been amazing!!  We are so impressed with all the kids have learned and experienced.  They have also been so loved by the teachers and directors.  It has been wonderful!!!  It is hard to believe the year is almost over.