Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eye Update

Ben had a check up appointment for his eyes yesterday.  We have been in an almost 2 year long battle of trying to get his "bad eye" to work correctly.  We have done patching and drops on and off.  He recently got new bifocal lenses all in an effort to try to get the eyes to be "equal."  The best we have been able to do is 20/25 and then it will go back to 20/40.  It has been really up and down and back and forth.  We have been going to appointments about every 3 month or so.  Yesterday his eyes were much better.  He has been on the Atropine drops for several months and he was seeing 20/25 out of his bad eye.  So that is great!  He will stay on the drops for a couple more months and we will see if we can get it to 20/20.  We are also trying to adjust and get him prepared since he is starting to read and that will change things a bit.

We always enjoy getting to see Dr. Jen.  The kids had a fun time goofing around while we waited. 

This has to be one of my favorite pictures!  Ben has been to so many eye appointments over his short little life that he can do one on his own.  So cute!!