Monday, July 30, 2012

Hanging At The Beach

We got home last night from the beach.  What an amazing time we had.  It was so relaxing and fun.  We went down to Matt's parent's condo in Gulf Shores.  We left after work on Wednesday and got to the beach around 10:30 that night.  We were up early on Thursday to head down to the beach.  Ben was excited to try out some body surfing.  

The water was incredibly calm so surfing was not too exciting.  There was also a lot of sea weed which made the water kind of yucky but we still had fun!

 Kate had to try out some boarding too!
Me and my sweetie hanging out in the pool.  

Thursday afternoon the Wrights were able to drive over and join us for the rest of our trip.  The kids had so much fun together.   They played and played and ran around.  They loved getting to sleep together int he same room.  They are all getting so big.
 We enjoyed a fun walk on the beach together.  I think one of my favorite things to do is to walk on the beach at sunset.  So beautiful.
Kate and Paige loved the walk!  They did end up a little wet by the end of it.  

The kids loved watching movies and TV.  They even got to watch before going to bed each night.  
 Friday we enjoyed another fun day on the beach.  Ok not so much fun.  Our kids really don't like the sand at all.  They are ok with the ocean but don't make the sit or play in the sand.  All they want to do is eat snacks and then go to the pool.  Ben always says "I like the mountains more than the beach."  I do have to agree with them about not liking sand.  Matt did make them get buried in the sand.  As you can tell they were not amused.

 We enjoyed going out to eat a couple of nights at new restaurants.  So yummy!
 Saturday we didn't even go down to the beach.  We just stuck with the pool and then watched some Olympics.  Like I said it was super relaxing.

I promised LeeAnn that I would not put any pregnant bathing suit pictures on the blog!  We are so excited that Grace will be making her arrival in just a few short weeks!  We had so much fun getting to be with our special friends all weekend.  We played so many games which has been our favorite thing to do since high school.  We are thankful for such wonderful friends.
We were not ready to come home on Sunday.  It was such a fun time.  Looking forward to going back next year.