Monday, July 16, 2012


Early last week Matt and I decided that it would be fun to take a spontaneous trip over to Atlanta.  The kids have been asking to stay in a hotel for a long time so we thought it would be fun to have a fun family weekend away.  We used our hotel points and were able to stay in a nice place for free!  That is always awesome.  We didn't tell the kids where we were going just that we were going to stay in a hotel.  They were so excited.  We stayed at the Sheraton North Perimeter.  It was great and perfect for what we needed.  The kids loved the hotel. 
We headed out as soon as Matt got off on Friday.  We got to Atlanta around 7:00 pm.  We got settled into the hotel and then headed out for our first adventure.  We had found a great drive in movie right int he middle of Atlanta.  We thought it would be a fun experience and were not disappointed.  The kids were so excited to get to sit outside our car and watch a movie. 
 We got popcorn and all sorts of snacks.  It was so neat.  The movie was just $15 for all of us which is an awesome deal.  And we even stayed for the double feature so it was an amazing deal.  2 first run movies for $15!
The movie didn't start until 9:30 but the kids were so excited that it was not a big deal.  We watched Madagascar 3.  It was funny and the kids just laughed and laughed. 
When it was over at 11:00, we were still going strong so we decided to stay for the second show and see Brave!  The kids loved it as well.  I can't believe we stayed for both movies but we did and the kids stayed awake.  We were there until 1:00 and didn't get back to the hotel until after 1:30.  It was so much fun though and a great way to start our weekend of fun. 
 Since we stayed out so late, I was so excited when the kids actually slept in Saturday morning.  They slept until after 9 which is unheard of.  We didn't have much planned for Saturday morning which was good.  We had a late breakfast at the Flying Biscuit.  It was awesome! 
Then we went over to one of the malls in town to check out the American Girl store.  I have loved American Girl since I was little so I was excited to get to share my love with Kate.  Truth be told I have continued to get their catalogs even before we had kids. 
This is Kate checking out the Molly display.  I have the Molly doll and most of her clothes.  She is my favorite!
 Kate loved the Bitty Babies and Bitty Twins.  I just love this smile on her face as she played with one of the dolls.  I do believe she will be getting one for Christmas.  She is a huge baby doll lover!

 Kate's absolute favorite thing in the store was the most expensive thing in there I think.  It was this car for the Julie doll.  She has expensive taste. 
 We of course had to go to the Varsity.  You can't go to Atlanta and not eat at the Varsity.  The kids loved their hot dogs and orange drinks!

Next we headed to Ben's favorite part of the trip...