Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So our next adventure in Atlanta was a big one!  We had heard there was a new Legoland Discovery Center in town so that was one of our main reasons for heading to Atlanta.  Ben has become a Lego fanatic lately.  All he wants to do is play with Legos!  So we figured what better place to go.  We found a great deal online where we got discounted tickets for late afternoon.  It worked our perfectly because we stayed until closing and by the end there was no one there which was wonderful!

One of the neatest things they had was an entire scaled down Lego version of Atlanta. The kids loved seeing all of the neat things they did with Legos.
 Everywhere you looked you could play with Legos!

They had 2 small rides which were really neat.  One was similar to Buzz Lightyear at Disney and one was a Dumbo type ride.  The kids loved it and we were able to ride them both several times. 
They also had 3 different 4D movies.  We got to watch all 3 which was really neat. 

They had some really neat elements all over made out of Legos and 2 really cool play areas for the kids. 

Kate loved playing in the giant Lego pit!
They had an area where you could build a race car and test it out. 

And a picture of me to prove that I really went!
More fun with Legos!
Ben loved seeing the mini Atlanta Falcon field and mini Braves stadium. 

And what trip to Legoland is complete without buying some Legos to take home.  Ben brought some of his own money and got a new Star Wars Lego set!
We had a really fun evening and perfect for our Lego crazed boy!