Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Princess Fun

So promptly at 1:00 little princesses began arriving for the tea party!  Kate was so excited.  I love this sweet picture of Kaylee and Kate.  Ashley and I were talking about how it wasn't that long ago we were getting dressed up to go to the prom and now our little girls are getting dressed up together.  How fun!!
 Kate's carriage was a hit of the party and they all enjoyed playing princesses!
 After all the girls arrived, we began with tea.  The girls were so cute during the tea.  They all sat up straight and prim and proper.  It was so sweet.  Matt did a great pouring the tea.
 Kate wanted to invite her 3 best friends - Genevieve, Addy and Kaylee.  They looked so pretty in their princess dresses!

 The girls chowed down on the food!

 One of their favorite parts was pretending to turn Matt into different things with their wands.
 There was lots of princess twirling going on.  It was so cute!
 Then it was time for some cake.

 Had to get a picture of all the pretty princesses!
 They did lots of playing.
 Then it was time for presents.
 And lots of sweet hugs!
 We had a fun princess craft to do.  The girls loved making their own wands.

 Check out the concentration on the birthday girl's face.
It was a perfect little party.  Kate had so much fun (and so did we).  It was a wonderful way to celebrate our big 3 year old.