Friday, November 16, 2012

She's 3!!!!!

I can't believe (I write that alot but it is true) that it is already time to write sweet Kate's 3 year post.  Where did the last 3 years go? I was thinking today about how much our world changed November 16, 2009.  She turned our family upside down in an amazing way.  It is so exciting to get to celebrate her today!
The most fun thing over the past year has been to see her little personality coming through.  If there is one word I would use to describe her it would be crazy!!  The girl is pure fun with a side of crazy.  I love these picture I took because it shows that perfectly.  Her hair is always wild and crazy because she likes it that way.  She loves to wear pretty clothes but loves to roll around in the grass and mud in those pretty clothes.  She is all girl but all fun!
Kate has been very difficult at times over the past year.  She knows what she wants and if she doesn't get it she will throw a major fit.  It is tough at times but through it we have also seen a sweet heart that is underneath all that crazy.  She will very quickly apologize.  She knows when she does wrong.  Kate also has one of the most thankful hearts I have ever known.  She sees the little things we do for her and is always quick to thank us.  It amazes me!  She has taught me so much about thankfulness and forgiveness.  
There are lots of things that Kate is very passionate about.  Some of her favorites right now are princesses and dress up.  She could play dress up all day everyday.  Sometimes it is princess dresses and sometimes it is one of Ben's Star Wars costumes.  It doesn't matter as long as it is a costume.  She comes to breakfast already in costume and we have to take them off when she goes to bed.  Princesses are also a slight obsession.  She wants to only read books about princess and watch princess movies and do all things princess.  She also loves to play with her toys.  She will disappear of hours into her room and we won't see her.  I will go back there and she will having deep conversations with her little Disney figures.  It is so cute!  I love seeing how much she loves to play.    
Kate just loves her friends.  She is always asking to be around them.  I love watching her play with them.  She gets so excited.  Addy, Genevieve, Kaylee and Isaac are just some of her favorites.  Her and Ben continue to be best of buddies.  She thinks he is the greatest thing ever.  She also enjoys school so much.  She has learned so much.  She knows and recognizes all of her letters and numbers.  She can even do most of the letter sounds.  She favorite game to play is the "animal game" where she thinks of an animal and we have to guess.  She just loves learning new things!  It amazes me as she learns more and more.   
I wish I could say she was a great sleeper and I didn't even have to mention it but she's not!  She wakes up several times a week in the night.  She just has some sleep issues.  She has pretty much dropped out her naps which is hard but she is just growing up.  She continues to be a great eater!  There isn't anything she won't try.  She may not like it but she will try it.  Fruit, chicken, fries, turkey and anything sweet are some of her favorites.  I hope she always is a good eater.  She also loves clothes and enjoys picking out her own "looks."  It always makes me laugh.
 What a joy sweet Kate is!!  She has just changed and grown up so much.  We are excited to see what 3 holds for Kate.  I remember praying for God to do big things in her life right after she was born.  We continue to pray this for her.  I know God has big plans for her and we can't wait to see what that is.  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!  We love you and are so glad we were chosen to be your family.