Monday, November 19, 2012

Princess Party Details

We had a super sweet little tea party for Kate and 3 of her friends on Friday afternoon.  She really wanted a princess party so we made it a princess themed tea party.  I found some super cute ideas Pinterest (how did we plan birthday parties before Pinterest?).  It turned out just perfect.  Here are a few of the little details from the party that were so great.  

Here are the invitations.  We also had a family party on Saturday night. 
 The beautiful table for the girls to have tea at.

 They got tiaras and wands for their party favors.

I had seen this great mantel decor and knew it would be perfect.  Matt's Aunt Judi helped me do the amazing banner.  It was awesome!
Kate's princess dress was all ready for the party.  It was hanging up all day and all I could think about was how one day she will have a wedding dress hanging up waiting for her.  Time goes too quick!

We did simple food.  Just cheese cubes, fruit kabobs, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, cake and cookies.  It was easy but the girls loved it.  They ate every bit of the food!

 And our sweet princess!  She was so excited!!

 She was waiting patiently for her friends to arrive!!
The party was just wonderful.  I'll share pictures from the actual party tomorrow.