Saturday, August 31, 2013

War Eagle!

It's gameday!!!!  So excited for a new era at Auburn. We are ready!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

New Things Around The House

Before I get into the new stuff I just have to say War Eagle!!  College football officially kicked off last night and we are excited.  It is always nice on Fridays in the fall because everyone knows exactly what to wear - Auburn clothes!!  So fun to see my little cuties in their orange this morning!
 Kate and I were excited to have matching Auburn pocket t's that Mema made us!  We love them!  We are hoping this year's football season is better than last years.
 Now on to the new stuff...  About a year ago Paige and I were at a yard sale where the lady had a cute chalkboard.  We asked her how she made it and she said she just painted an old mirror.  We have been saying for a year we wanted to do this project. It just took us a while but we finally did it.  I wish I had a full before picture but this is a mirror that my mom found on the side of the road.  It was perfect for the project.  Imagine it was back instead of green.  All I had to do was paint the wood part green and paint the mirror park with chalkboard paint.
 And here is the finished product!!  I love it.  It will be so fun to have it as you walk into the kitchen.  I plan to use it for verses or menus or other random things.
 My other new project was to update my mantle.  I had this old mirror that I decided to use.  I made a burlap wreath to put on it.  I am loving the fun chevron burlap ribbon.
 I am not totally done with the mantle redo but I am really liking the updated look.  I just needed something new I think.  I love a fun new project.
Well that's what's new around our house!  Excited for a fun weekend of football and relaxing!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I think we are finally starting to settle into our new routine of school.  It is different this year with Kate going all 5 days (although she doesn't always go - we play hooky lots like we did today).  I am also trying to increase my work hours some.  I know it will take a few weeks but we are getting there with our new "normal" routine.  

This week all the "extras" kicked into high gear.   I got to go to Kate's second dance class.  It was so much fun to watch!  She loves every minute of the dancing and tumbling.  She does her own thing at times but it so cute!  This girl was made for dance!

 Ben started back to soccer this week as well.  He has moved up a league so it is a little more intense.  His coach is really good which is great.  He has them doing homework and earning patches so Matt and Ben have been out practicing every night.  

Love that the kiddos get to participate in such fun activities.  It is hectic at times but wouldn't trade it for anything!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Hump Day

It has been a long week!!  I think we are still just struggling to get back into the school routine.  Throw on top of that I have been doing a bunch of projects and you have one tired mama this week.  But taking a cue from one of our favorite commercials...
 That's right it's hump day!!!  So exciting.  We were celebrating that fact this morning and Kate got excited singing and dancing saying "It's camel day!!"  Made us laugh so hard.  She is a funny little gal!  Love her so much.
Happy Hump Day!  Hopefully I will have more exciting things to say tomorrow.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rounding Out The Weekend

The Swim for Melissa was a big part of the weekend but there was so much else.  Really it was a crazy weekend.  Friday we quickly celebrated Matt's birthday as a family.  Ben and Kate were so excited to give Matt his presents.  Ben got him a Wii game (because what 34 year old doesn't want a Wii game).  Kate got him coffee and a movie because she said they are his favorites.  She also got him a very interesting card.  Fun to celebrate Daddy!!
 Matt asked for genetic testing for his birthday (he is such a nerd) along with tickets to the Miracle Bash.  The Miracle Bash is also a fundraiser for the NICU.  It is a fun night of foods, friends and silent auctions.  We didn't end up "winning" anything in the auction but still had a great time.  It was a great way to spend Matt's birthday.
 Saturday was a crazy day!  We started the day early with breakfast with Mema for Matt's birthday.  Then it was the swim.  We headed over to celebrate Baby Grace's birthday in the afternoon.  I can't believe this little thing is already 1!!  It seems like it was just yesterday when she was born.  LeeAnn planned a super cute ice cream party.  Grace enjoyed her cake!
 The kiddos loved the cake and ice cream of course!  They had a great time playing and celebrating.
Ben had his first soccer practice late in the afternoon.  Kate and I were worn out and not feeling so great so we skipped out on the last birthday event for Matt.  Ben and Matt enjoyed dinner with my family to celebrate Matt's birthday.  Hate we had to miss it but they had a great time.  Andrew and Kelly got Matt a fun new game that they loved playing.

Sunday was a much more relaxing day with church and then naps for everyone.  It was great.  Glad we were able to pack so much fun into one weekend even if it did wear us out!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Swim For Melissa 2013

Today was the big day of the Swim For Melissa.  Over the past month Ben has worked hard fundraising for the NICU.  We are so proud of how hard he worked!  He was so excited this morning to "swim for the babies."  He kept asking how much equipment they would be able to buy with the money raised.  So sweet.  The weather was perfect (it was a little hot) and they were ready to swim!  Ben and his buddy Evan were on a team together.  
 Ben had a large cheering section of family!  Cousin Perry was giving Ben a pre-swim pep talk.  Thanks to everyone who came to cheer on Ben!
 This is Ben's team The Groovy Guppies 2.  
 We are so proud of our little swimmer!!
 Almost time to swim!!!

 And he was off...
 He swam the first 2 laps all on his own with no floats.  He did awesome.
 He grabbed a kick board and swam 4 more laps for a total of 6 laps in 5 minutes!

 Ben was the top fundraiser on his team raising about $900 for the NICU!  We are so proud of him!

 This is Ben with his friend Lily Baker.  Lily Baker's family started the Melissa George Neonatal Fund 8 years ago after the death of their newborn daughter.  We have had the privilege to get to know this family over the past few years and they have been such a blessing.  They have truly shown how to turn tragedy into triumph through Christ's love.  
What a fun morning it was!!!  Thank you so much to all of our friends and family who supported Ben.  You guys are amazing!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Birthday Shout Out!

Just wanted to give a little birthday shout out to the love of my life today!!  So excited to celebrate another year of the amazing life God has given him.  He really is the most amazing man.  I am reminded on a daily basis how blessed our family is to have him as our leader.  He is the kindest most considerate person I know.  He ALWAYS puts others needs above his own.  Happy 34th birthday Matt!!  Hope the day is as special as you are.  

Thought I would do a little trip down memory lane and post some old school pics of Matt along with a couple of my recent favorites.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dance Mom

So our week didn't end up going quite like planned.  Ben started running a fever on Tuesday morning and missed the second and third day of school.  Crazy!!!  Not how we wanted to start the year at all.  Thankfully he is all better now and we are catching up on the work that he missed (first grade is no joke!).  

Since he was sick I didn't get to take Kate but she started dance on Tuesday!  She loved gymnastics last year but we thought it would be good for her to try dance as well since she loves dancing around the house so much.  We found a new dance studio near our house that has a preschool class where they get to do ballet, tap, tumbling and even a little singing.  They teach them about stage performance which is totally Kate!  Her friends Paige and Kaylee are also in the class.  She loved class on Tuesday!!  In fact when she was leaving she gave the teacher a hug and asked if she could come back the next day.  I never thought I would be a dance mom but I guess we are embarking on that adventure!  How cute is this little class?  I am sure there will be lots more dance pictures throughout the year!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Grade Comparison

My mom came across this picture of me from the first day of first grade back in 1986.  Loved putting it next to my little guy on his first day of first grade.  I was giving my mom a hard time about her wreath with ducks on it but I bet my kids will laugh at my burlap watermelon.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back To School Details

Back to school time is always full of lots of emotions - happy, sad, scared and lots more.  Due to that I thought it would be good idea to really make the day fun because a fun day is always better!!  You have to have a new backpack.  Granna is always sweet to buy them new backpacks each year.  After the summer off it is nice to see backpack back on the hooks by the back door.  
 Thanks to Pinterest (how did moms survive before Pinterest) I found these really cute teacher presents.  They were super easy and really fun!
 I also found these really cute decorations on Pinterest.  I loved being able to decorate and make the morning really exciting.

 I found the idea for these cute apple donut holes in the Taste of Home magazine.  It is just donut holes rolled in color sugar.  Easy and festive!  The kids loved them and Matt even ate them.
 School is cool tags even make eggs exciting!
 We finished off the day with a giant cookie cake!
I love being able to do fun, creative things for the kids.  It is a way to show them how much we love them and are excited for them on big days.

Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Well, we survived the first day of school!  It is always an exciting day and an overwhelming day at the same time.  Nothing like a new start and a new schedule to make you excited.  I try not to get sad at milestones and new adventures for my kids.  I could believe me but I choose to focus on the fact that they are growing and changing and that is a very good thing!  My goal as a mom is to grow up little people to love Jesus.  Each new milestone in their life is an opportunity for me to work more towards this goal.  So today they both took new and big steps towards that.  

We started our day with the traditional first day of school breakfast.  A little over everyone's favorite things.  
 We started a tradition last year of getting them a little key chain to hang on their back pack zipper.  It is a way we can show a little extra love throughout the year.  Kate got a Rapunzel one and Ben got a Lego Ninjago (golden ninja that he was super excited about).

 Then it was time for the traditional first day photos in the green chair with their new backpacks.  Can't believe this is the 7th year of taking these photos!

 Then on to the front porch for more first day photos!  (oh a side note - Ben learned to tie his shoes last week so it was so exciting for him to get ready all by himself.  No help at from mom at all)

 First up was drop off for Ben.  As we were getting out of the car, Ben said "you don't have to walk me in mom.  I'm ok."  I told him it wasn't for him but it was for me.
 He was so excited to be on the first grade hall!  Such big stuff.
 His teacher this year is Mrs. Stokes.  She is awesome and we are so excited Ben gets to be in her class.  He has several friends from his class last year in his class and lots of new friends.  It is going to be a great year!!
 Next drop off was at Kate's school.  She has been begging for weeks to go back to school so she practically ran in when we got to the parking lot!  She had to give hugs to Mrs. Norma and Mrs. Lori which is a tradition.
 Her teacher this year is Mrs. Grove.  It is going to be a really fun year for Kate.  I know she is going to learn a lot and just have a blast!
I enjoyed a quiet house to myself before going to pick everyone back up from school.  All reports were that the day went great.  They were full of new and exciting stories.  Ben did say the day was only so-so because they couldn't go outside on the playground due to rain.  Playground time is important!  We celebrated the day with a cookie cake.
What a fun day it was!  We know God has big plans for both kiddos this year.  They are right where they need to be we are certain of that.  Our prayer is that they continue to grow in knowledge - not only book knowledge but knowledge of the Savior.  May they bring Him glory!!