Friday, January 24, 2014

100th Day of School

Today was a super big day - the 100th day of school.  And when you are in first grade that is a big deal!!!  Ben was so excited for all the fun that was the 100th day.  He had several projects he had to do leading up to today.  He had to cut out 100 words that he can read.  He also had to make a hat with 100 things on it.  
 They did fun 100 day activities all day but he most exciting was getting to sing the 100 day song on HCTV.  Ben could not wait to "be on TV."  He was so worried we would be late for school and he would miss it.  I heard they did a great job and Ben says he is now a TV star.
So proud of our little guy for doing so good his first 100 days.  Now just 80 more and it will be summer!!!