Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Game Day!!!

January 6th was certainly not a day we had circled on our calendars 4 months ago.  There was no way we thought Auburn would be playing in the National Championship.  But here we are and they sure are!!!  I know I have said it over and over again but it is just CRAZY!!!!  We are super excited to be playing in the big game again this year.  3 years ago I never would have thought we would be back so quickly.  I figured it would be another 50+ years.  So to me we have already accomplished a lot!  That being said I still hope we win but I will not be sad if we don't.  It has already been a season beyond expectations (I remember sitting around in August trying to come up with a 6 win season for us).  They really are a team of "destiny."  Hoping tonight that is fulfilled!

The kids are so excited!!!  They couldn't wait to wear their Auburn gear.  Kate got a new cheerleader outfit from Andrew and Kelly for Christmas.  A major arctic cold front came through last night with a little bit of snow.  The high today is like 15 or something.  School was delayed due to cold.  Reminds us a bit of last time Auburn played in the big game!!
 We are a bit superstitious when it comes to football.  Like if someone is out of the room when Auburn does well they are not allowed back in.  Or if I am sitting in one position I have to stay that way.  Well, Auburn started doing really well when I put up the fight song on my new chalkboard.  Matt has not allowed me to take it down!  I had all these great plans for Christmas things to put on it but he wouldn't let me.  Ha!!  So hoping the chalkboard brings us luck tonight.
 I've got the sparkling grape juice chilling and the toilet paper ready!!  Hoping it will get used (I figure if now we can have fun juice for breakfast in the morning and we always need toilet paper)!
War Eagle!!  On to vic'try!!!!