Thursday, January 16, 2014

Girl Drama

So we learned very quickly 4 years ago that little girls brought lots of drama with them.  I mean from day 1 Kate has been nothing but drama.  For the most part it has been fun but there are moments.  Last night there was a big moment...

Kate is notorious for making a huge mess with her toys.  Her room is always so very messy.  Well, a couple of days ago she had gotten in trouble for getting out play dough in the play room without asking permission.  She got a warning and was told never to do that again.  Yesterday she goes up to the playroom for a while and we wonder what is going on.  Yep you guessed it.  Play dough was everywhere.  I mean all over the play room.  It was ground into the carpet.  Ugh!!!  So needless to say there were lots of discussions.  

We got the play room cleaned up and I decided to take a cue from my very wise father and institute the Gary East method to get a little girl to clean her room.  Growing up I was also I little hard to get to clean my room.  So my dad would grab a trash bag and start bagging up things he found.  I am sure there was lots drama then too.  Well I grabbed a trash bag and went to work.  I bagged up all of her new Polly Pockets.  You would have thought I had cut off her arm with all the crying that went on.  It was drama, drama, drama.  But hopefully it will do the trick and we will have a much more clean room soon and then she can get her Polly Pockets back.  

Even with all the drama I am just so in love with this little girl.  With the drama comes lots of fun and lots of laughs!!