Friday, November 20, 2015

3rd Grade Memories

On Monday the third grade classes went on a field trip to Cooks Natural History Museum and Wheeler Wildlife Refuge.  It is a field trip all about animals.  They have been doing this field trip since the dawn of man for third graders.  I went on the exact same field trip many moons ago.  Everything was the same and all the memories came flooding back.  I got to go over for the morning and chaperon a fun group of boys!  We won the scavenger hunt of course!
 The thing I remember most about the field trip was having to pet a snake.  I refused to do it and I still remember everything about it!  Well, Ben is much braver than I am and touched the snake!
It was fun to get to hang with my big guy on a fun field trip even if it did bring up so really bad memories!