Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kate's Actual Birthday

We had spent the whole weekend partying so by the time her actual birthday rolled around on Monday it was sort of anticlimactic.  But we managed to still have some fun.  Daddy helped to cook a special breakfast of pancakes and bacon.  
She got to open a few small presents before school including some Beanie Boos that she was super excited about.  At school she got to have ice cream with her class to celebrate and Matt got to join her for lunch.  
 After school she spent time putting together her new Lego sets.  Ben has always put them together for her but since she is now 6 she did it all by herself!!  So proud of her.
 We had a regular Monday schedule with dance but we did go out for some mexican food which of course means a big sombrero and singing in Spanish.  I think her smile shows it all - she had a great birthday weekend!