Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Week Shenanigans

The entire week of Thanksgiving was great!  The kids had the whole week off of school which was wonderful.  We were all ready for a break from the routine.  Kate and I have been watching Dancing with the Stars every Monday night all fall.  The finale was this week so we watched it on Monday night.  We were excited when our favorite Bindi won!
 Kate and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking.  She had been asking to make a pumpkin pie so we did that a couple of days before Thanksgiving.
 It turned out really yummy!!
 I made a huge mess in the kitchen making a pecan pound cake.
 Anything that has 4 sticks of butter and pecans has got to be good right?
 This cutie loves eating cuties!
 Ben and his buddies love playing football!!  We have started letting Ben go in the neighborhood on his bike to visit some of his other friends.  So he spent a lot of time this week exploring and playing with friend.
 Thanksgiving morning Paige and I went over to LeeAnn's neighborhood to do a little 5K before all the food.
 Saturday was the big Iron Bowl game.  It has not been Auburn's year so we weren't expecting much.  Did love this picture of Ben and Evan clashing before the game!
 We stopped by to visit Grandaddy before the game.  Then went to the Cabra's house for the game.  It was closer than we thought it might be and Auburn actually had a chance there for a while.  Hoping next year is a better year for our Tigers.
Hollie and went Black Friday shopping early on Friday morning.  Got quite a few good deals and enjoyed some fun time with my friend.  We then went and did a little more shopping for a mattress.  Ours has gotten so old and we are getting a new one for Christmas!  So excited.  Kate enjoyed trying out all the different options!